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Tohar Institute

Through generations, the Israeli Nation has been characterized by the honor it gives to the family unit and by the holiness it has always seen in the relationship between a man and his wife.

Jewish Law (Halachah) provides an exact definition of the relationship between couples.

The married woman, after menstruation, counts 7 "clean" days, after which she goes to the ceremonial bath, hence ending her menstruation period.

The TOHAR Institute began operating in 2004, after the warm encouragement of the PUAH Institute and of the observant public, as well as the blessings of Rabbi Mordechay Eliyahu zal, who gave it its name "TOHAR", and many other Rabbis. The TOHAR Institute provides medical counsel on Jewish Law pertaining to the area of Family Purity and peace within the family unit.

Women are often referred to the Institute by Rabbis in order to allow them to perform the ceremonial bath or to continue counting the "clean" days, after doubts about their purity arise following the examinations they perform on themselves.

They are warmly welcomed, at a fancy medical center, by "Tahara Examiners", who have been trained within the PUAH Institute by Rabbis and Gynecologists.

The Examiners (nurses, midwives and doctors) are all observant who perceive the service they render as a mission.

Should any doubts arise during the examination, the examiner can consult with Dr. Rosen, the gynecologist in charge of the TOHAR Institute.

The TOHAR Institute receives women from all sections of the population; mothers of blessed families, newlyweds, pregnant women, breast feeding women, women who prevent pregnancy by mechanical or hormonal means, even young couples and brides preparing for marriage.

The level of observance of the women who turn to the TOHAR Institute, varies from religious women of "Mea She'arim", to women who show no external signs of observance. There are women who observe the Jewish Laws of Purity in secrecy, sometimes this level of discretion applies even to their relationship with their husband. 

For many years a large number of women have suffered from bleeding problems, yet did not have access to appropriate information within the scope of Jewish Law to deal with them correctly. The Halachic implications in such cases are quite severe. The TOHAR Institute has provided a proper solution for these women. For example, in many women, ovulation takes place several days before their due date at the Mikveh. In order to result in pregnancy, the ovum must be fertilized within 12 hours of ovulation. For the women described above, therefore, pregnancy is almost impossible. The intervention of the TOHAR Institute can be of help in bringing the events closer together, and some have.

If you wish to set an appointment please call tel: 02-5000033 and leave a message. Our working hours are from Sunday through Thursday between 8:00-19:00 hrs. and on Fridays between 8:00-12:00 hrs. (please set your appointment in advance).

Our address is:

“Med Shiran” Clinic, She’arei Ha-Ir Building, 216 Jaffa Rd, 8th floor.

TOHAR = Hebrew acronym which stands for "Purity, Jewish Law and Medicine" (in Hebrew: טה"ר, טהרה, הלכה, רפואה).


Yafo st 216, Shearei Haair, Jerusalem 94383

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